So, you have a suite tooth: a taste for privacy, a yen for space, a palate for luxurious enclosure. The irony of St. Barth is that lots of people with just this sort of taste come here, and yet most of the island’s luxury resorts are short on big suites.

Except for one, Le Guanahani, which also happens to be St. Barth’s only full-service resort.

Spread across a 16-acre arrowhead peninsula with Marigot Bay to the left and Grand Cul de Sac to the right, Le Guanahani is home to 27 standard suites and 10 ultra-luxury Signature Suites. The latter are some of the island’s most fashionable accommodations, each with mouthwatering views over the tropical coastline and its shimmering, azure waters.

Here’s a rundown of the resort’s ten most exclusive enclaves.

The Serenity Suite (2 bedrooms)

The Serenity Suite at Le Guanahani

Perched at the very top of the resort, the Serenity Suite lives up to the overused word “breathtaking” with a 538-square-foot pool deck offering a savory view of the coast. A tub-for-two in the master bedroom could actually be a tub-for-four, and the hammam shower in the second bedroom ensures no one ever feels slighted. Plus, it’s just a skip from Bartolemeo, the resort’s fine-dining restaurant.

The Admiral Suite (two bedrooms)

The Admiral Suite at Le Guanahani

Nestled along the water just steps away from the beach restaurant, the Admiral Suite lets you double-park your wind- or kite-surfer right at the door. Named for Christopher Columbus, it boasts a 90-degree, wrap-around view of Grand Cul de Sac with front-row seats to catch the action on the lagoon. Wind-surf, kayak, or swim over to Le Corail, a great seafood shack restaurant just down the beach.

The Marigot Suite (two bedrooms)

The Marigot Suite at Le Guanahani

Here you are on the prow of the resort, on a high point between the two bays. Most of the resort is behind you, and before you is the reason you book this room: a 180-degree ocean view from the spacious terrace (with plunge pool). Load up the Kindle; you won’t be disturbed.

The Wellness Suite (one bedroom)

The Wellness Suite at Le Guanahani

Think of it as a loft-like, wellness retreat directly within the spa compound. Roll out of bed and into yoga, Pilates, or a massage, and if the spirit takes you, have the spa pool to yourself after 8pm, when the spa closes to other guests. No other resort on St. Barth offers this sort of hideaway.

The Garden House (three bedrooms)

The Garden House at Le Guanahani

More of a compound than a suite, everything about the Garden House says, ‘We want to be alone.’ The master bedroom is in a separate cottage and the two other bedrooms, in an adjacent building, do not connect and have terraces overlooking the private pool. Yet, all of it is just steps away from Bartolemeo, the resort’s fine-dining restaurant.

La Villa (three bedrooms)

La Villa at Le Guanahani

It’s the perfect multi-generational enclave, secluded but in the middle of everything. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and the suite itself has all the right gathering places for an extended family: a private garden, a pool, and a large sundeck with an even larger ocean view.

Beach House (two bedrooms)

The Beach House at Le Guanahani

The name says it all: This is your beach hideaway. The resort pool, the fitness center, and the beach restaurant are a flip-flop away. So yes, there’s some traffic outside the door from 10am-4pm, but before and after that, the beach is yours. Perfect for a family with a small child.

The Pelican Suite (two bedrooms)

The Pelican Suite at Le Guanahani

Consider it the easy-access suite, not far from the parking area and secluded on the quieter side of the resort. It doesn’t have a pool, but a private jacuzzi with fantastic views over Grand Cul de Sac compensates. Plus, its garden-like, covered outdoor space is perfect for a sundown cocktail.

The Marechal Suite (two bedrooms)

The Marechal Suite at Le Guanahani

Popular amongst families, the Marechal Suite lies in the heart of the resort offering elevated views over the ocean below. The exterior is traditional Caribbean gingerbread architecture but inside everything is classic contemporary. A covered terrace with extended sundeck ensures parents can relax while kids play in the private pool.

The Hibiscus Suite (two bedrooms)

The Hibiscus Suite at Le Guanahani

Also located in the heart of the resort and great for families, the Hibiscus Suite is larger than the Marechal and tucked away amongst lush tropical vegetation. Privacy is a main draw, as is the extensive outdoor deck surrounding a glistening private pool.


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