By Katie McElveen

Perhaps it’s the idea of relaxing in the sunshine as your boat bobs gently in the waves and time seems to stand still. Or maybe it’s the thought of hooking a fighter and battling it onto the deck. Whatever lures you to the sea for a day of fishing, Le Guanahani has you covered with Cook Your Catch, an adventure on the water that includes a half-day charter with a local fisherman and, when you return, a chef-prepared lunch or dinner featuring your bounty.

“It’s a wonderful experience and, since it’s limited to four guests at a time, completely personalized,” says Patrice Lanteri, Food and Beverage Manager at Le Guanahani. “You can head out in the morning and have your catch for lunch, or wait until the afternoon, when chef will prepare it as your dinner. You can fish on the Caribbean side, where the water is calmer, or head out into the Atlantic.”

Tuna tartare Cook Your Catch at Le Guanahani St. Barth

Even better, you’ll be out with a working fisherman who knows where the fish are biting—and when. He might even share a bit of island lore along the way. “It’s a real out-of-the-box, authentic way to spend a few hours,” says Patrice. “Our guests and their teenaged children—we recommend age 14 or above—really enjoy it.”

Although wahoo, sea bream, barracuda, swordfish, and marlin all ply the waters that surround the island, Patrice says that most guests return from their expedition with yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, and grouper—as well as sightings of sea turtles, rays, and other ocean creatures.

Whatever you catch, your fish will arrive in the preparation of your choice: sliced into tender sashimi, as zesty tartar, or grilled with almond-studded rice scented with curry and ginger. “The rice is a local tradition and goes well with the Sauce Créole, a spicy mixture of local peppers, garlic, olive oil, and tomato that’s perfect with the grilled fish,” says Patrice. “For wine, I’d choose a Rosé from Provence, which will stand up to the sauce.”

Bon appétit!

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