Sunday mornings on St. Barth are made for relaxation, whether you are spending hours on end listening to the beautiful sounds of nature, taking a dip in the deep blue ocean, or enjoying a delicious café au lait paired with a chocolate croissant. However, if you happen to find yourself on the island on the first Sunday of the month, you will not regret rescheduling your lazy day to experience the vibrant sights and sounds at Marché de St. Barth along Rue de la République in Gustavia.

The rejuvenated Marché de St. Barth made its debut in December 2018 with a full lineup of island merchants. Among the market’s myriad of vendors, you will discover freshly baked breads and pastries, fruits, a few hot dishes like paella and fragrant chicken Colombo, ice cream and sorbet made with tropical flavors like mango and passion fruit, clothing, handmade soaps and candles, handicrafts, and locally made jewelry and artwork.

The Sunday Market in Gustavia, St. Barth.

Photo: Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy

The holidays also mean the reopening of another favorite market. On December 9, the St. Barth Tourism Committee kicked off the two-week-long Christmas Village celebration, a beloved tradition held each year on Gustavia Harbor. Set against a backdrop of luxury yachts strung with holiday lights, the island becomes even more pronounced with locally made Christmas gifts and souvenirs, island cuisine, music, and seasonal activities.

For food and entertainment, stop by the oyster stand for a dozen huîtres and a glass of champagne, while enjoying seasonal music performed by local choirs, singers, and musicians. All purveyors open at 5pm.

The Sunday Market in Gustavia, St. Barth.

Photo: Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy

Country Boys, Kadanse, Local Sharks, and Chris & The Saint-Barth Sisters are just a few of the bands taking the stage on various nights throughout the festival, while other evenings bring performances by the Collège Mireille Choisy student choir and the St. Barth Harmony student violinists. You can even catch a musical comedy put on by the Gustavia primary school.

For families with children, there is an array of treasure hunts and other holiday activities to discover. Santa Claus will make an appearance along with his favorite red-nosed reindeer to uncover what children are hoping he will bring them on Christmas morning.

The Christmas Market in Gustavia, St. Barth.

Photo: St. Barts Tourism Committee

On December 23, the Christmas Village wraps up with a final Jam Session celebrating the season on St. Barth. The Marché de St. Barth, however, is set to return each month for the foreseeable future. Happy holidays!


Featured Photo: Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy